Oakpark Foods Invests Millions in Technology and Traceability

Young Outdoor Raised Pigs
Young Outdoor Raised Pigs

Oakpark Foods is completing a 3 Million Euro investment project with the installation of a traceability system to help manage supply, stock control and customer service more efficiently.

The system, which was designed by Datos Professional Solutions and launched on October 16th by Irish Minister of State Tom Hayes, is the final phase of Oakpark’s investment plan.

It would support it’s aim to boost exports, the company, which is based in Cahir, Tipperary, and supplies bacon and pork products to supermarkets in Ireland and the UK, said in a statement.

‘Seamless flow of information’

“It provides a seamless, constant flow of information ensuring that customers get the right product, to the correct specification, at the correct price and on time,” it claimed.

“It will greatly enhance the accuracy of information and make a huge contribution to efficiency in the plant.”

Oakpark exports its products to Scandinavia and plans to break into mainland Europe as well. Exports now represent 46% of its sales and its factory currently has 85 full-time employees.

Employment doubled

The business had doubled the number of staff it employed in the past two years and a further 10 people would be taken on to cover the Christmas period, it said.

“Our policy is to maximise the efficiency of our factory so that we can compete with leading international players both domestically and internationally,” said general manager David Brett.

“Our future plans are to continue to grow the company, aiming for higher market shares in both Ireland and the UK with an increased emphasis on value-added products.”

Oakpark is part of the Brett Group, which has been in business since 1939. The group provides farm supplies to thousands of farmers across the south east. It’s animal feed mill and central grain assembly are located in Callan, Kilkenny.